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Implementing Strategic Decisions and Analysing Effects

Actualizing Strategic Decisions and Analyzing Effects In spite of the fact that figuring a reliable procedure is a troublesome assignment for any supervisory group, making that methodology work actualizing it all through the association is considerably progressively troublesome (Hrebiniak, 2006). A bunch of variables can possibly influence the procedure by which vital plans are transformed into hierarchical activity. In contrast to technique detailing, methodology execution is frequently observed as something of an art, instead of a science, and its exploration history has recently been depicted as divided and mixed (Noble, 1999b). It is consequently to be expected that, after a far reaching system or single key choice has been planned, noteworthy challenges generally emerge during the ensuing execution process. The best-detailed procedures may neglect to deliver prevalent execution for the firm in the event that they are not effectively actualized, as Noble (1999b) notes. Results from a few overviews have affirmed this view: An Economi st review found that a demoralizing 57 percent of firms were ineffective at executing vital activities in the course of recent years, as indicated by a study of 276 senior working administrators in 2004 (Allio, 2005). As per the White Paper of Strategy Implementation of Chinese Corporations in 2006, technique usage has become the most huge administration challenge which a wide range of organizations face right now. The study revealed in that white paper shows that 83 percent of the overviewed organizations neglected to execute their technique easily, and just 17 percent felt that they had a steady methodology usage process. Current associations work in an inexorably mind boggling condition and the extent of the results of choices at the key level requests great reactions from the administration. The ever-changing and tempestuous inner and outside conditions of the association requests extraordinary affectability from the administration in their responses towards change. This frequently requires quick reaction and the result of one game-plan could be significantly unique in relation to an elective strategy. Vital choices are an impression of the disposition, qualities and desires for the leaders at the top level. They have a drawn out impact on the bearing and future action of the association, and have asset suggestions, influencing choices at the lower levels and starting an influx of other, regularly lesser choices (Hickson et al. 1986). The vulnerabilities and complexities of key choices direct the leaders to decrease the boundlessly enormous issue into a sensible one. This change to a sensible model of reality characteristically includes an incredible number of suppositions, a large number of which depend on the judgment of the leader. Yet, the size of the intricacy and assortment of factors encompassing the choice is with the end goal that a portion of the presumptions are not well characterized and potentially off-base. To battle these issues the directors order the dubious choices into various measures: Laplace, deficient motivation to accept something else; Minimax, making the most ideal out of most exceedingly terrible conditions; Maximax, the best out of the best other options; Savage, the best of the second thoughts for not taking the correct activities; and Hurwicz, giving a scope of perspectives from idealistic to generally skeptical (Turban 1993). The decision of the methodology is connected to chiefs conservatism. This inquiry is vital since choices, particularly those of a key sort, will in general effectsly affect authoritative indivi duals, procedures, and structure. This paper is worried about one establishment of key dynamic: More explicitly, we plan to experimentally address the why, what, how and where of this procedure. Hence, we consider an organizations outside condition to be a wellspring of data (Aldrich and Mindlin, 1978) yet additionally its inside condition, here and there alluded to as invironment. To examine the earth so as to settle on better-educated choices (Choo, 1996) is a significant errand on the corporate plan. Ecological examining, regardless of whether it is alluded to in that capacity (Frishammar, 2002), might be characterized as the movement of gaining data (Aguilar, 1967, p. 1) and is the strategy by which directors see occasions and patterns (Hambrick, 1982). Obtaining data is basic in learning natural change and has suggestions for vital dynamic (Lozada and Calantone, 1997). In this examination, key choices are worried about long haul heading and are typically about attempting to accomplish some preferred position for an association (Johnson and Scholes, 1999). A choice is, as per Mintzberg et al. (1976), characterized as a lot of activities and dynamic components starting with the ID of an upgrade for activity and completion with a particular responsibility to activity. Key just methods significant, as far as the activities taken, the assets submitted, or the points of reference set (Mintzberg et al., 1976). Defining methodology is troublesome. Making system work executing or actualizing it all through the association is considerably progressively troublesome. Thompson Strickland (2003) have focused on that the methodology actualizing/technique executing task is the most entangled and tedious piece of vital administration (refered to in Schaap, 2006). Section TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Strategic Decision Making By definition, dynamic is the procedure through which supervisors recognize authoritative issues and endeavor to determine them (Bartol Martin, 1994). Convict, Ketchen, and Snow (2003) expressed that the motivation behind key administration research is to help discover approaches to improve their exhibition. Further, key choice makings are those that decide the general course of an endeavor and its definitive reasonability considering the anticipated, the erratic, and the mysterious changes that may happen in its most significant general conditions. They at last shape the genuine objectives of the endeavor (Mintzberg Quian, 1991). Pearce and Robinson (1997) underlined the attributes of vital dynamic as corporate level choices (more serious hazard, cost, benefit potential; more noteworthy requirement for adaptability and longer time skylines), utilitarian level choices (actualize the general system planned at the corporate and business levels), activity arranged operational issues; sh ort range and okay. Humble cost; reliant on accessible assets, and business level choice (connect choices at the corporate and utilitarian levels; which is less hazardous, exorbitant, and likely gainful than corporate level choices, however increasingly dangerous, expensive, and conceivably beneficial then practical level choices). Tatum et al. (2003) expressed that supervisors settle on everyday choices, or resolve prompt issues. They additionally explained that administrators have distinctive choice styles because of the measure of data, number of choices, and endeavor to incorporate and facilitate different wellsprings of info. Vroom (2003) in his investigation cited Nutt (2002) on an investigation of 400 choices that had been made by chiefs in medium to huge associations in the USA, Canada and Europe. Shockingly, half of the choices fizzled; either never executed or in this way disentangled during the two-year perception period. Nutt (2002, in Vroom, 2003) expressed that viable dynamic isn't simply a matter of choice quality yet in addition of guaranteeing that the choice will have the essential help and responsibility for its viable usage. By the by, all key dynamic must experience the dynamic procedure with the end goal for directors to think of a decent choice. 2.2 Decision Making Process Chiefs and supervisors need to permit themselves to be currently dynamic. This dynamic procedure will offer the chance to chiefs and directors to think of the other options, assess every other options, and select the best other option or answer for the issue. Dynamic procedure involve the means the chief needs to show up at his decision. The procedure a director uses to settle on choices significantly affects the nature of those choices (Certo, 2003). Additionally, Provan (1989) expressed that individuals who take an interest in the vital dynamic procedure are at a significant level in their association, are equipped, and are sensibly astute and articulate. Key dynamic procedure can be and is affected by those significant gatherings in the association that are generally incredible and that an objective thought of outside ecological elements may have minimal direct effect on how systems are really defined and executed (Provan, 1989). Basi (1988) expressed that sort of choice is a component of regulatory level, and the style is an element of authoritative culture. Authoritative level is delegated institutional or official or upper level, hierarchical or administrative or center level, and specialized or lower level. In the interim authoritative culture is known as paternalistic, bureaucratic, and synergistic. In the interim, Nutt (1976) showed in his examination on the dynamic models. He talked about 6 models of dynamic of which bureaucratic model, standardizing choice hypothesis, conduct choice hypothesis, cooperative choice creation, harmony compromise, and open framework dynamic. Nutt (1976) additionally talked about on the cutoff points and approaches to choose the proper model for dynamic for association. As such associations perform one of a kind capacities; the levels distinguished were mechanical or essential level, administrative level, and institutional level. In this way, factors which portray the dynam ic condition will specify the fitting model that can be ideally utilized (Nutt, 1976). 2.3 Approaches to Strategy Implementation There are various elements that influence methodology execution. These components c

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Education as an economical issue

Instruction as a conservative issue MY POSITION: In the primary look, instruction is by all accounts a social issue, however in my place of viewthere are numerous affordable issues that are covered up. Numerous guardians would prefer not to send theirchildren to class on account of some money related issues. Either the two guardians work at the equivalent timethat they can't take their kid to class and furthermore the transport school isn't accessible to the distancewhich they live.On the other hand, there might be numerous guardians who can't bear to purchase manysupplements which their youngster needs in school. As I would see it there ought to be an administration help toall the guardians that have these issues. Kerry additionally concurs with me and attests, Providingstudent advance credits for school kids is a moral issue ( PARTY POSITION: Wesley Clark on Education asserts that training includesjob progressing for grown-ups (Sep 18). Increment educator preparing instructor pay (Jun 17).E ducation@EdunationHoward Dean on Education said that Bush's No Child Left Behind is an unfunded mandate(May 17). John Edwards on Education cites Two educational systems: one for the have's, one forhave-not's (Sep 4).Free first year of school for all ready to work for it (Jun 17). (

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Cars vs. Motorcycles Essay

There are numerous individuals that accept that utilizing a protective cap while riding a cruiser won't help in many accidents. There is no information that underpins this it is just a hypothesis. Measurements have no real way to anticipate what might have occurred in a similar mishap under similar conditions if the individual would have had a cap or not. There is no assurance of security even with wearing a cap while riding a bike. On the off chance that you are worried about wellbeing and solace than riding in a vehicle is a superb approach. Vehicles have been developing for a large number of years with security, solace and style as a top priority. Given the data above alone improves riding in a vehicle than riding a bike in light of the fact that a vehicle is more secure, calmer, and more agreeable than a cruiser. Measurements show that 84 of drivers drive a vehicle instead of a bike. There are numerous highlights in vehicles that make them safe. A portion of these highlights would be that they are made of metal. The metal that the vehicle is made of shields people inside the vehicle safe from being hit straightforwardly in a mishap. For example, the Hummer is one the most secure vehicles out there. It started from the Hum-Vee which is utilized as a military vehicle. The Hummer outline is the most grounded in the vehicle business. A vehicle has safety belts that additionally guard you. At the point when the safety belt is clasped, it holds an individual into the seat so that in case of a mishap the individual is remained careful and inside the vehicle. A safety belt has a three point seat strap limitation framework that centers around the shoulders, hip and lap. This secures the bodys inside organs and controls the bodys forward movement during an accident. It likewise forestalls cranial and cervical wounds by limiting head and neck movement. For instance, in Colorado of August 2013 there was a multi year old kid that was murdered in an accident off of interstate 119. He was in the load zone of a 1996 Ford Explorer and was incompletely shot out during the rollover mishap because of him not wearing his safety belt. Another element that vehicles need to guard you is the airbag. Airbags are detached restrictions intended to initiate naturally when a vehicle gets into a mishap. For instance, every single new vehicle in the United States need to incorporate double front airbags, however numerous automakers go well beyond that base prerequisite, for example, Toyota. Notwithstanding the vehicle being sheltered, it is additionally calm. What makes a vehicle calm is that it has entryways. A vehicle entryway can be opened to give access to the opening, or shut to make sure about it. These entryways can be opened physically, or controlled electronically. Entryways when closed keep out clamor and climate conditions, for example, wind, downpour and warmth. What's more, the Cadillac has won the Motor Trends Car of the Year throughout the previous five years because of the outside structure of their entryways. The attractions that the Cadillac entryways give keeps out 98 of all clamor and air, just as 100 of every climate condition. Windows likewise help keep a vehicle calm. Vehicle windows have a seal that keeps out wind and clamor from the outside when moved up. At the point when moved down the windows permit air to stream all through the vehicle. For instance, my little girl and I were traveling to Pismo, and we had the windows down to appreciate the breeze, yet the breeze was so boisterous we couldnt hear one another and needed to move them up. It was so calm and quiet in the wake of moving up the windows. A vehicle is likewise agreeable alongside being sheltered and calm. Vehicles have seats with backs just as temperature control. The rear of the seats in a vehicle can recline keeping it agreeable and making it a charming ride. Vehicles likewise have a framework to blow warmth or cooling into the vehicle to keep the people inside the vehicle agreeable. For example, the BMW has truly agreeable seats. Whenever reclined it feels like a chair seat. The air control in the BMW has a few settings to keep the driver and travelers agreeable. Riding in a vehicle is protected, calm and agreeable, in contrast to riding on a bike. For example, riding a bike is more hazardous than a vehicle since cruisers are difficult to see out and about and are effectively hit. Because of the size of cruisers there is all the more a vulnerable side than that of a vehicle that makes it simple for them to be hit by different drivers out and about. For instance, there is a woman and her better half simply a week ago that were going on a ride to Bass Lake on their bike. They were in their path on the expressway, and a vehicle didnt see them since they were in the vehicles vulnerable side, and they were hit. Tanya experienced a cracked shoulder and Justin required medical procedure for his crushed spirit. Prohibiting bikes would cut the mishaps out and about by half of what they are presently. Bikes are likewise hazardous on the grounds that riders can without much of a stretch tumble off. Cruisers just have two wheels, one in the front and one in the back. There is nothing to hold the rider onto the bicycle. For example, 64 of all bike mishaps are because of the rider tumbling off their 1/2 bicycles. Riders tend to not clutch the bicycle just as they should. On the off chance that cruisers were prohibited the expense of vehicle protection and clinical costs would diminish impressively. Not exclusively is a bike more perilous than a vehicle, it is calmer as well. Dissimilar to the vehicle that hushes up inside as a result of the entryways and windows, a bike is uproarious on the grounds that there is no obstruction to outside wind. While riding the breeze blowing against the rider is extremely uproarious. For instance, in 1972 there were 14,000 instances of riders having ear contaminations and hearing misfortune because of the breeze blowing in their ears while riding. The measure of individuals with hearing issues would go from 74 to 30 in the event that we didn't have people riding on bikes. A vehicle has agreeable alternatives while riding a cruiser is entirely awkward. At the point when you are riding a bicycle, and you go over knocks it harms. Cruisers are structured with just a little pad for the rider to ride so they don't turn out to be excessively agreeable and lose center. While going over hindrances the rider feels it in the middle of their legs. For instance, a biker, James Casotle quit riding cruisers in 1997 thus alone. He was so awkward and in torment in the wake of getting off his cruiser he would make some hard memories strolling. Long stretches of this made him have changeless harm to his tailbone. Not exclusively do the obstructions cause distress do as well bugs. While riding cruisers, creepy crawlies flying around can fly into the riders mouth or eyes. For example, there is bike protection business, and it shows a rider on the roadway. As the person is riding a multitude of bugs fly into him. The bugs fly into his mouth and eyes making him crash. Forbidding cruisers would bring about less mishaps and clinical issues. In the event that bikes were restricted from the United States, we would have a decline in charges since there would not be such an appeal for certain clinical issues. We would have more secure streets since driving a cruiser is hazardous for those driving vehicles and the motorcyclist. There are announcements reminding drivers to check twice for bikes, yet they are as yet hard to see and some drive between vehicles. On the off chance that bikes didn't exist, it would eliminate mishap and passings incredibly. Y, dXiJ(x(? I_TS? 1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9 xrxwrTZaGy8IjbRcXI u3KGnD1NIBs RuKV. ELM2fi? V? vlu8zH (W )6-rCSj id? DAIqbJx6kASht(QpmcaSlXP1Mh9MVdDAaVBfJP8? AVf 6Q POWERED BY TCPDF (WWW. TCPDF. Organization).

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The Confidential Secrets for Essays and Research Papers Discovered

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Sociological Structure of Haiti People - 1433 Words

Sociological Structure of Haiti People The past tribulation that Haiti as a country had to face from the long oppressive struggle was surpassed after they were declared the first Black Republic. While the population of Haiiti has touched 5 million by 1980, the bludgeoning crisis of the country has not reduced in any extent. People are still poor as the economic crisis has plummeted to the fullest point. The rural part of the country who lived rather a decent life also moved to the urban areas for search of livelihood. Family Structure and Authority Haitian people believes in large-family structure, the network includes large number of relatives and friends (Dauphin, 2002). In the rural part of the country, the family follows the concept of courtyard system (lakou) where a large group of unit shares a common space. Child-care and working are shared among the families living in the courtyard. The urban concept of living is somewhat different from the rural areas, the ideas of living inspired by the western culture, especially for the middle class society. Lakou are also seen in rural parts of the city where there are concentration of shanty’s. The Haitian family structure is primarily patriarchal in nature. But since the patriarch is often absent from the family scene because of work, the matriarchal system holds the supreme place to maintain and manage a family (Bijoux, 1990, p. 31). Unlike the patriarchal system that essentially prevails in the rural areas, the urbanShow MoreRelatedPoverty Between Poverty And Poverty1322 Words   |  6 Pagesstudent in 2007, while Haiti still struggles to get children into schools (78% were in schools in the 1990s, now 90% as of 2015) . This shows that a first world country invests a lot in education, while a developing countries struggle to obtain education altogether. Furthermore, the decline in poverty rates can be further attributed sociologically, through the functionalist perspective, and by societal structure. The functionalist perspective refers to an individual or group of people that believe thatRead MoreEssay on Theories of Causation of Crime and Its Solution 1250 Words   |  5 Pagescommit crime which cannot be paid once it committed. In the 19th century, the biological theory got public attention when Cesare Lombrose suggested that criminals cannot be identified by examining their body structures, number of toes, etc giving the research data that determined that ordinary people are mostly involved in crime than militants. Now, this theory is followed by Modern biological theory which signifies that chemical imbalance in brain results violence activities. It supports remarkable exampleRead MoreHistorical And Cultural Background Of The Guyanese Statistic Bureau British Guiana ( Guyana )4034 Words   |  17 Pagesare English and Guyanes e Creole English which is a Creole language spoken by over 700,000 people. According to research done within the last five years, ‘this country is characterized as having a multiracial population with those of Indian decent representing 43% of the population, African decent over 30 %, Amerindians decent over 9% , and people of ‘mixed heritage’ rounding up at over 16%’ . However, people of European and Chinese descent comprised a very small proportion of the overall populationRead MorePracticing Voodoo Or Islam? Essay1772 Words   |  8 Pagesnumber of deities and demigods that are worshiped. In Haiti, the major religion is Christianity which is monotheistic however some also believe in Voodoo. Voodoo combines beliefs and opinions from other religions. In other parts of the world, like Morocco, people practice Islam. Islam is a monotheistic religion which believes that God is the only deity. Haiti’s practice of Voodoo and Morocco’s practice of Islam differ in respect to their structure as well as religious beliefs a s it relates to the afterlifeRead MorePoverty And Its Effects On Society1557 Words   |  7 Pages There is no They While we worry about dieting, 35,000 people starve to death every day. (rsrevision) From crib to grave, one s life chances are dictated by the abnormal evels of inequality that construe the modern world. A girl born in California will most certainly live to old age; However if she is born in West Africa, she has a one in four chance of dying before her 5th birthday. These discouraging truths envelope our everyday realities, and the single most poignant factor is poverty; whichRead MoreThe Prevalence Of The Problem Of Drug Smuggling1637 Words   |  7 PagesUnion consuming more than twenty five percent of the amounts. Drug smuggling is responsible for many societal vices including its contribution to criminal actives such as robbery, theft and violence as evident by the high number of incarcerated people in Mexico as well as the high death rates resulting from gang rivalry. Also, use f drugs leads to high occurrences of social evils like gender violence and rape impacting on the societal moral standards fostering moral decay and school dropouts asRead MoreHow Diseases Affects Every Individual Essay2288 Words   |  10 Pages Thus, the next five articles consider how diseases are handled and dealt with depending on the location of the country and whether or not it is an industrialized or non-industrialized. Article 1: Vaccination strategies for epidemic cholera in Haiti with implications for the developing world (Chao, Halloran, Longini, and Nair 2011). This article discusses the specifics of cholera as well as analyzes how vaccinations can be can be utilized to protect individuals from becoming infected and stopRead MoreSociological Views of Poverty2768 Words   |  12 PagesSociological Views of Poverty Michelle Williams-Thomas Sociology 101 Professor Yelena Gidenko February 12, 2012 At the beginning of the twentieth century, the most common reasons people died were accidents or communicable diseases like pneumonia. Today, millions die each day from poverty. How can poverty be defined? And what is the difference between absolute and relative poverty? In the paper I will address these issues along with sociological views of poverty. Poverty is aRead MoreThe African Methodist Episcopal Church Essay examples2474 Words   |  10 PagesThe African Methodist Episcopal Church also known as the AME Church, represents a long history of people going from struggles to success, from embarrassment to pride, from slaves to free. It is my intention to prove that the name African Methodist Episcopal represents equality and freedom to worship God, no matter what color skin a person was blessed to be born with. The thesis is this: While both Whites and Africans believed in the worship of God, whites believed in the oppression of the Africans’Read MoreEssay on Honduras2430 Words   |  10 Pagesindependence from Spain and entered a period of political uncertainty. The 1900’s were the age of military rule, until the first elected civilian came to power in 1982. The country was then shattered by Hurricane Mitch in 1998, killing around 5,600 people and causing $2 billion in damage. Since then the economy has not developed as fast as it could (CIA: The World Factbook: Honduras 292). In addition, a coup d’à ©tat occurred on June 2009 to overthrow communist President Manuel Zelaya Rosales, and the

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Expressed And Blessed Holden s Battle With Ptsd

Stressed and Blessed: Holden’s Battle with PTSD According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, post-traumatic stress disorder is defined as, â€Å"a mental condition that can affect a person who has had a very shocking or difficult experience and that is usually characterized by depression, anxiety, etc†(citataion). Unfortunately, many people struggle with this disorder every day which can cause them to become depressed and nervous, and in the worst cases, cause them to commit suicide. Throughout Catcher in the Rye, the main character, Holden Caulfield, struggles to live normally after the death of his brother Allie. It is evident that Holden is suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder when he shows symptoms, reacts in typical ways and eventually takes steps to overcome his problem. Post-traumatic stress disorder most often occurs after a traumatic event that leaves the person emotionally and psychologically scarred. Some traumatic events that could re sult in the disorder include war, natural disasters, car crashes, death of a loved one, assault or abuse. In Holden Caulfield’s case, the death of his brother Allie, whom he grew very close to, was the cause of his pain and suffering. Holden’s case is not uncommon among those with the disorder according to who stated, â€Å"It (PTSD) can even occur in the friends or family members of those who went through the actual trauma†(Smith). Although, post-traumatic stress disorder more commonly occurs in those

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Momentum And Collisions Essay Example For Students

Momentum And Collisions Essay This report will investigate the theoretical velocity of a ball bearing gun. Themethods and techniques used to derive the results will be shown along with thepossible systematic and random errors caused by experimental limitations. Discussion: Since the track is virtually frictionless and air resistance isneglected, the system is isolated; the net resultant force of the externalforces equals zero. The total linear momentum of the system before thecollision is equal to the total momentum after the collision. Therefore, thetotal change in momentum of this two-particle system is zero. Equation thatrepresents the conservation of momentum: The total linear momentum of anisolated system is constant. All significant experimental errors have beenincorporated into the final velocity result. Aim: To investigate and determinethe muzzle velocity of a ball bearing gun by utilizing the law of conservationof momentum. Determine out the theoretical velocity using various mathematicalmethods and techniques. Hypothesis: This two-particle system is virtuallyisolated, thus the total change in momentum is zero. Therefore when the twobodies collide, they will exert forces on each other, equal in magnitude butopposite in direction. R esulting in one combined body that is equal to the sumof the momentum of the two particles before the collision. Materials: One (1)Ball bearing. (Weight 65.9g 0.1, Approx Size 2cm in diameter) This will bethe projectile that is fired from the missile launcher. One (1) Cart. (Weight 678.3g 0.1) This will be the object on which the projectile is fired onto. One (1) standard Stopwatch. (Can measure up to 100th of a second) Used to timethe journey of Cart + ball bearing. One (1) Track. (Measuring device length 0.50m 0.05) Used to guide cart and measure displacement. Method/Procedure: 1. Prepare track by aligning it and the cart to a perfect 180 degrees to thelauncher. Distance used was 0.50m 0.05. 2. Fire the ball bearing into thecart and time the journey. The ball bearing used in this experiment, took anaverage of 1.14 0.1 seconds to complete 0.50 meters. 3. Work out the theoreticalvelocity of the ball bearing in the barrel of the launcher. Equations used todetermine theoretical final velocity: NOTE: During entire experiment, safetyglasses are to be worn. Any spectator that is not wearing safety glasses shouldwatch from a safe distance. Results: Errors accounted for: Parallax Error:0.05m Stopwatch/Timing Error: 0.1s Mass measurement error: 0.1g Recordedmeasurements (NOT including uncertainty): Times for overall journey: 1.13s,1.13s, and 1.16s Distance: 0.50m Mass of Ball Bearing: 65.9g Mass of Cart:678.3g To determine average time (NOT including uncertainty): To determine massof combined body after collision: To determine velocity of combined body aftercollision: s = 0.50m 0.05 t = 1.14s 0.1 s = 0.50m 10% t = 1.14 8.7% To determinevelocity of ball bearing in barrel of missile launcher: The muzzle velocity ofthis ball bearing gun is: . Errors not incorporated into method: The ballbeating itself has a small drag coefficient, although the cart, which the ballbearing is fired into, may experience air friction. All airfriction/resistance was neglected. Conclusion: This experiment proved myhypothesis correct. Throughout the entire experiment the overall change inmomentum equaled zero. When the two particles collided there momentum wasconserved resulting in one body that was the combined mass and momentum of theprevious bodies. The result was obtained by recognizing that the initialvelocity/momentum of the ball bearing could be determined by utilizing theconservation of momentum law; that as long as the net resultant external forcesequal zero, the momentum will be constant. 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